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Psycho-Pass Radio Revival Episode 1 ~drama part~

Finally, the first radio drama is here! In this episode, Gino and Kougami think of ways on how to welcome, and at the same time quickly instruct, the new female Inspector joining them in Division 1.

Rough translation after the cut. Please enjoy! (^_^)

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Told him to get off the top of the car, he did this


Told him to get off the top of the car, he did this

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Blue Flowers of Hitashi Seaside Park in Japan via BoredPanda

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▒▒█ ♞: Lightly do deft phalanges rap against finely-waxed mahogany, drumming as seconds tick and the first drink seeps into his bloodstream while the white noise of the bar’s regular patrons fade into the back of his mind and become the equivalence of flies buzzing in his ears. The distinct smell of alcohol wafts in the air as amber content swishes in transparent containers, glistening like gilded crystals against the miniature glacier floating in what little of the inebriating fluids remain. He exhales and a faint trace of disappointment settles within the male. No; not disappointment—relief? Well, can’t blame his dying conscience for that sort of thing now can he?

             ”'Nother glass for me, Pops—" a smile slowly forms when bells chime in his ears, "and get him something light.

              He needs not look to the entrance to know who came in, the roaring of an all-too familiar engine, the way that the individual walked, and the notable scent of pears wafting amid the overwhelming booze, are all indicative of his best friend’s entrance into the bar. Yet while a smile fixes itself ‘pon his countenance, the latent discontent swirling within his stomach blossoms thorns which then prick his innards with second thoughts far beyond reconsideration. Once the glass is filled, it rises into the air and the smile widens to a grin, pearly whites revealing themselves betwixt pale-toned tiers. Silver tracks the bespectacled male as he traverses to the seat adjacent his person, withholding the urge to gaze upon prey with the eyes of a predator. Not yet, he tells himself—not yet.

             ”Same goes for you; what’ve you been up to these past few days?

Hearing the familiar jingling of the bell posted at the door instantly brings a wash of calm over the otherwise normally stoic character. His father’s bar has equated to solace from the world and its problems; a little hideaway dedicated to gabbing the night away with best friend by his side. He crosses the room with smooth, even strides, nodding to the barkeep as he situates himself on the bar stool. A very cross look distorts the new arrival’s face as a glass of water is humorously offered to him before being given his proper drink.

"Nothing very exciting," he admits. A swig of the amber fluid is taken. "Work has been a little hectic as of late," another swig, "but nothing too difficult." Then a minute smirk. "This evening drinking will do me some good. How about on your end?"

Nobuchika initially didn’t know what to think when hearing of his friend’s profession. Being a bodyguard didn’t sound all that fulfilling and can be rather dangerous. Yet, the man has no doubt in his friend’s capabilities when it comes to work. The muscle head is perfect for such a job in reality.


        Maggie cringed as she heard the spalltering of their first pursuer, and she refused to turn around in fear that she’d lost her breakfast. She did, however, glance back at the enforcer at her side. “Let’s hope this will make them back off,” she mumbled before continuing to run ahead. Luckily for them, the thugs quickly scattered after the first shot was fired, and Maggie paused to catch her breath, resting her hands on her knees.


       ”Well that was fun, huh?”

His focus is solely on the sheep in front of him, gun poised and locked onto his next victim. It didn’t matter they were scattering, it didn’t matter if they were running away. They would be brought to justice one way or another. A pull of the trigger reduced another once human body to a pool of blood; a message to those still daring to mess with them.


Looks like that idea went off without a hitch. Thank Sibyl. The hound wasn’t in much a mood to fight.  He continues to keep a vigilant eye on the last fleeing cowards before daring to face the woman before him, walking after her.

"We should keep moving in case they bring in reinforcements. We’ll be taking a left up ahead at the end of the alley."

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She pulled face and squished his cheeks together “……please?”

He pulls away from her hands, rubbing his cheeks briefly before sighing. “No.”

Smooshes Ginos face cause his muns making her mun sad which is making her sad

"… Don’t ever do that again, please."

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"Arf arf!" I love you, Master! Dime barks. Then his short attention shifted directly to the chewed-up toy bone peacefully taking a short break from Dime’s vigorous teething. The pup leaped from the sofa to the now giant pillow that was previously well accustomed to the dog’s body. Little Dime landed, creating a hard poof from the cotton stuffed custom. The baby husky attacked the bone once more as his wiggled in the air.

He chuckles some more as the pup bounces off of him and onto his sleeping pillow to gnaw at the bone he received a few days ago. Puppies always have a certain charm to them. They’re so innocent and easily distracted with things. Their frivolous nature is fun to watch.

"I’m glad you like your toy."