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16: Upside-Down Kiss

Nobuchika’s had his face buried in that book of his for the entire afternoon, leaving Shinya feeling neglected. So it’s time he got revenge. He leans over the nerd, casting a shadow over him and smirking as Nobuchika takes notice by slouching.

Looking up at Shinya, he couldn’t tell what the man wanted but he knew it wasn’t anything good by that smirk on his face. “What?”

"Give me a kiss."

"Wh-What!?" Immediately his face becomes flush, shrinking all the way into the couch.

"You heard me. I’m not leaving until you do so I suggest you do it quickly."


With Shinya looming over him like this, it’s really weird and he can’t concentrate on his book. Th-This is the only time he’s getting his way!! Nobuchika needs to concentrate and with Shinya being a doofus he can’t. More heat draws to his face the longer he looks up at that smug face of the asshole who wooed him so effortlessly. He leans up and brushes their lips together and pressing every so lightly against Shinya’s lips. He then nose dives into his flora encyclopedia he had been flipping through and studying all afternoon, covering his warm face with the cool pages.

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6: Gentle Peck

He keeps their bodies as far apart as he can manage as he leans in to complete the deed. Their lips press together for the briefest of moments, nary a second in length before the disgusted inspector separates himself completely from the man before him.

Dreary skies dictate the already gloomy day with its shades of dark grey and occasional rumble of thunder in the distance. 'This rain is relentless…' the bored hound thinks to himself. Being saddled with the newbie is to be expected, considering Ginoza is the oldest and most experienced member of Division 1 currently, and he had done the same thing when Tsunemori was a rookie. But sometimes he finds himself at a loss how to deal with her; just like with Tsunemori. She can be difficult and he isn’t exactly the kindest person in the world… but at least she hasn’t used the dominator on him yet. 

His current position is waiting at a fixed location, waiting to be given the okay to move ahead with the plan they have in place to flush their target out. Unfortunately, this could take some time with Ginoza forced to be in a populated area. It’s not ideal but work never is. In the meantime, he can at least try to pretend he blends in with the crowd hustling and bustling by. After all, this isn’t exactly a place where majority of the populace traverse for recreation or otherwise. These alleys are for the poor souls like him and others who have lost control of their lives.

These alleys also seem to be home of rude assholes. For a while now Gino has gotten the impression that someone has been staring at him and, needless to say, he’s less than appreciative of their actions. He isn’t something for people to gawk at. Surveillance of the area around him turns into a hunt for this burning sensation, his search paying off as his culprit is spotted. Straying slightly from his post , he storms over and confronts the perpetrator.

"Can I help you with something?"



Oh no. Her suspicions were indeed confirmed. He was indeed, one of those types. A big ol’ nerd like a friend of hers. But then again, she should have figured considering what Shinya told her. “That’s kind of interesting though. I’ve seen that sort of stuff on tv but I didn’t know anyone who actually did it. Oh but— It must have caused you some trouble right? You know because not everyone probably gets it.” 

Reiterating the fact that coin collecting isn’t common. Although, he doesn’t understand what she means by getting in trouble because people don’t ‘get it.’ “Caused me trouble? You mean like being bullied because of it?” Ginoza can’t say he ever remembers being bullied because of his hobbies.



"Mhm, yeah I do. He’s my ojisan." And that’s as much of an explanation as she felt necessary to give. She never really was one for explaining herself. "So I have a couple of questions for you, if you don’t mind. Just for curiosity’s sake." She was going to ask anyways, "I was told that you have a thing for coins. And I’m just curious as to— Well how does that work?  Is it the shininess that’s really what gets you going or—?" 

He doesn’t like the sound of these questions but the first one is innocent enough. Coin collecting isn’t exactly a popular hobby nor is it exactly common, especially in today’s age. “Actually, I’ve been collecting coins since I was little. My grandfather collected coins when he was alive and sort of passed it onto me. I guess I just found them interesting with how out of place they seem.” At least, seeing coins in a display will definitely catch at least one child’s eye.

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He’d made a copy.

Kougami managed to steal some sheets off Ginoza’s desk when he wasn’t paying attention, then spent the rest of the day periodically folding and throwing paper airplanes at Gino, including Ginoza’s own work.

It’s a good thing he’s actually taking the time to skim these before tossing them. He crumples up a scrap piece into a ball before tossing it at the enforcer’s head. It looks like childish games is what’s going to be had today.

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"Ooooh~ I’ve heard a lot of things about you from Ojisan! You’re Gino-san, right?" Oh there was no way this was going to end well. Maybe.

Ojisan? Who is this little brat— Wait a minute. He vaguely recalls Kogami being close to some kid or whatever. Sort of. “Ginoza, yes. You know Kogami Shinya, correct?” If so, then those things she knows about him are probably all false and were used to make Kogami feel better about himself. 

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He folds more and keeps throwing them. One of which is one of the pages to his report, just to spite him.

Shreds the papers as they come. Looks like Kogami will have to redo that page. Oh well.

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Folds paper airplanes and throws them at Gino.

"Those better not be pages to your report."

Smacks them out of the air.


▒▒█ ♞: Everything seemed to pass by in a flash: one moment he remembers sitting at his desk, the next he can hear curses and his name crowding against his ears: cacophony rattles the mind. He remembers struggling, trying to wrest away from restraining hands and take vengeance for his friend’s sake, for her sake; after all, what good is it for him to simply allow such awful misdeeds to go ignored? It’d be against his personality, his morals to allow his best friend continue to be subject to further bullying. He grits his teeth, belligerence fueling his veins. But when he tries to move, the sound of Nobuchika’s voice stills his movements. Quietly the youth’s head turns, countenance stilling to confusion and a growing suspicion for what was going to happen.

Gino?" He inquires, heart stopping once hearing the confession pass her dejected figure. Then he turns away as though ashamed for the damage he has caused.

A faint grunt looses itself as he is then pulled up to stand, a wince as though in minor pain. Sable brows furrow and knot together while entrenched in thought, his vision directed to the floor as though trying to burn a hole into the linoleum; disappointed in himself for lashing out in a manner unbecoming of his upbringing. He purses his lips, digging finely-cut nails into the palms of his epidermis.

From the room onward the teen continues to stare at the ground: silent, frustrated, angered—he combats with these tides, grinding the enamel coating his teeth as though to help distract himself from the heavy weight loaded atop his broad shoulders.

Kogami Shinya."

His head tilts up, a hint of defiance laced within furrowed brows. “I know what I did was wrong." A beat, "I’ll accept whatever punishment you give me, just make sure those—those bitches leave Nobuchika alone. That’s all I ask.

Feeling ill wouldn’t even begin to describe how the teen is feeling. She didn’t mean for this to escalate yet with the time she has been left to herself while through this transaction she isn’t surprised it did happen. It was bound to with how her attitude is towards this issue. She really is that stupid, isn’t she?

It’s all her fault. Because she didn’t listen to Shinya, because she decided to ignore the issue, and now her best friend is in trouble because of her (which is exactly what she didn’t want to happen) and she caused a huge disruption in class, making Shinya act disapprovingly. Now he’s more than likely going to get in trouble with his mother (or at the very least she will be told of this), and Nobuchika’s father will more than likely be told about his daughter being bullied. 

Today is a royal mess and it’s all her fault.

Nausea sets in; her frail body shivers and shakes, sweat glistening on her skin as she sits in the staff member’s office, waiting to be talked to about what happened. Why did this have to happen. Why did it have to happen today. Nobuchika flinches when the door finally opens, the teacher sitting down to start the little chat. Not only is Tomoya more than likely going to get a call home about Kogami’s behavior, but Nobuchika can bet her father will be told about her being bullied at school with a call home as well. She can only hope he’s working at the time and she can delete the voice mail before he can get to it.

"You don’t have to be nervous. All of this will be settled swiftly if you tell me the truth."

As much as she wants to believe the teacher, she continues to shake as she spins her tale. Upon returning to the classroom, class was well on its way and Nobuchika couldn’t concentrate on the lesson. She has much too much on her mind to worry about taking notes.

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