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11: gentle kiss

They didn’t say whether they could be AU or not so….

Squish, squelch, squash. Ah, the repetitive sound of orifices being invaded by rusted metal, flesh being ripped apart and footsteps in puddles of blood always put Nobuchika in such a wonderful mood. There really is no better way to spend his spare time than to disassemble bodies and maim corpses beyond recognition. His dear friend Touma likes to beg to differ, disagreeing that it is a wasteful art and a waste of a perfect specimen to simply chop up their body into mere shreds. Puh. Art is only relevant to a person’s perspective. Besides, Nobuchika doesn’t consider himself an artist. He prefers the term “avid hobbiest.” 

On weekdays after class, Nobuchika usually joins his beauty-marked friend in his personal studio in which he prepares his plastination artwork to spend some quality time with him. They usually have idle, in depth conversations about nothing and everything interesting to them, sometimes having a small snack to accompany their work like tea, or coffee, in Nobuchika’s case, and small pastries. Sometimes their chat delves into Touma trying to persuade his tall friend into working for the Oso Academy so they could spend even more time with their specimens, but Nobuchika shrugs it off. No social skills is what he was told on the matter by the employer. Within the next few days the person who denied him was replaced and even the new employer turned the tall gentleman down on the same accusations. He was soon replaced after that like the colleague before him. After that, Nobuchika gave up. Who would want to teach bratty lesbians anyway?

 ”Oh dear. You have that look in your eye already,” comments Touma wearily, observing Nobubu’s erratic yet precise incisions into the cadaver he is working on. 

Broad shoulders shrug. “Do I?,” he asks with a feral grin, concentrating on finishing hollowing out the neck of the body laying on the floor. “If I do bear the look you accuse me of then perhaps we should get rid of it as quickly as possible, hmm?”

 Ah, Touma was afraid of this. It’s usually a side effect of when Nobuchika gets this excited about his hobby. When Nobuchika gets overly enthusiastic about his work, Touma is to suffer; mainly his plush rump. He didn’t really mind it and, in fact, takes advantage of such a situation when it happens; he just wishes Nobuchika would be more dainty about it. Gentle“I’m not in the right mood for such an engrossed activity, but I will give you something sweet if you are soft about it.”

The lanky hobbiest gives his artist a flirty, quizzical look before letting out a puff of air in disappointment. He was kind of looking forward to rolling around in the blood and guts. Without a word, he closes his eyes and sits still, letting Touma come to him. The plastination artist eases his way through the room, stepping around perfectly ruined body parts on the floor to reach his colleague and bends down to match his position on the floor. The instant their lips touch Nobuchika latches onto Touma’s bottom lip, ripping into it like a hyena would rip into flesh and bone. Touma lashes out in pain and annoyance. As a reflex, he slices the raven-headed male with his (unfortunately) clean scalpel he’s holding in his hand. The condescending stare only makes Nobuchika laugh, enjoying the feel of his own warm blood sliding down his cheek. 

“Alright, alright. I’ll do as the prince wishes.”

He surrenders quickly with a curt bow, standing at half height to kiss both cheeks and finally his prince’s lips softly, just as he requests.